Energieausweis (EZ) – Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Since 1st of December 2012 “the Energy Performance Certificate”, also known as “Energieausweis (EA)” is mandatory for Austrian properties that are for sale or rent. Contrary to the previous regulation, the Energy Performance Certificates must now also be made available for historical monuments and listed buildings.
The purpose of the EPC also known as “Energieausweis (EA)” is to ensure that homes are able to run more efficiently and in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This stems from the “Kyoto Agreement”, which is a worldwide treaty in which the participating countries will do their best to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Each property will be tested and scored on a scale ranging from A to G, with ‘A’ being extremely efficient and ‘G’ being particularly inefficient. The outcome of the test will not require the owner to change anything within the property, although they are encouraged to do so. On a long term prospective the right energy-efficient renovation allows the owner or tenant to save money. In case of a general energy efficient renovation of a building the owner or tenant might apply for the specific regional and state funding aid.

The act of failing to present a valid (not older than 10 years) Energy Performance Certificate (EAVG 2012) can have the consequence of an administrative penalty provision. The broker has to inform the seller of this law and the consequences if the seller refuses to supply the requested certificate and therefore fails to state the HWB and fGEE values, he will be subject to an administrative fine up to € 1,450.

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